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What is HEA?

  • A statutory authority charged with the application of legislation – NZ Horticulture Export Authority Act 1987 (amended December 2016)
  • The HEA Act’s primary function is “to promote the effective export marketing of horticultural products”
  • The 2 key tools available in the Act to achieve this are:
    1. The Export Marketing Strategy (EMS) – the product group’s vision for the industry & rules for exporting to achieve goals
    2. The export licensing system – anyone wanting to export the product needs a licence and is required to meet the criteria
  • Product groups opt (volunteer) to come under this HEA exporting model.

What does HEA do?  

What does HEA do?

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To see our latest HEA brochure that explains more about what we do, click here


HEA model in context of other marketing models

The HEA model fits mid-way between the Free Market where anyone can export any grade of fruit or vegetable product to any market, and the single desk where one exporter controls all exports of the particular product category.


HEA and other export models

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HEA in the New Zealand horticulture landscape


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