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In recent years HEA has organised a number of industry development initiatives to discuss key strategic issues, improve awareness, understanding and capability, and obtain feedback about the needs of the industry. These events included:

  1. HEA organised a workshop for exporters on the devolution of the Australian Offshore Pre-shipment Inspection programme in November 2017.
  2. In October 2013 a full-day meeting on "China - access, beyond the barriers". Guest presenters from China Lew Dagger and Jack Luo. Also discussion of market access and development by New Zealand sectors.
  3. In November 2012 an industry meeting and workshop on the theme: “Market access – the need to diversify” – case study, the Indonesian opportunity. This involved presentations from the then Chairman of the Indonesian Horticulture Importers Association & the NZ Trade Commissioner to Indonesia.
  4. In July 2011 the HEA held another industry meeting with twin themes; 1. Legislative Change:- Modifying the HEA Act to support development & 2. Capturing value – what role for branding in horticulture?
  5. The HEA provided 3 workshops for exporters/industry leaders in the period Sept 2010 – August 2011 on the theme ‘Capturing value’.  These workshops were attended by approx 100 exporter/industry stakeholder participants.
  6. In May 2010 - an industry meeting and exporter workshop combining two subjects: Reporting to stakeholders on the HEA’s 5-yearly Statutory Review & ‘Effective produce export market development techniques to earn $10b by 2020’. A case study was ‘China – capitalising on the FTA opportunity’.
  7. Commissioning Massey University School of Business to provide a series of 3 ‘Governance and Leadership’ workshops for industry executive councils in May – Sept  2009.
  8. In August 2008, an industry meeting on the theme ‘the benefits of co-operating in a competitive market place’.
  9. An 'Export Marketing Strategy (EMS)' workshop for industry groups in 2007.

The HEA received very good feedback on each of these initiatives and the events were well attended by industry product groups & exporters within and outside the HEA structure.